DISORIENTALISM :: Katherine Behar + Marianne M. Kim

Disorientalism is an on-going art project by Katherine Behar and Marianne M. Kim.

Artists’ Book, 2008.


The first volume in Disorientalism’s library is The ABCs, an interactive artists’ book in a limited edition of 26. The book takes 26 of the found objects we collected in An Archaeology of the Mistaken Present and combines them with found letters we encounter in the form of acronyms and abbreviations. The book’s interactive pages include stickers, stamps, embossing, seals, and a variety of paper stocks. Each page is designed to be modified and customized by the reader through licking, sticking, peeling and crimping. Disorientalism teamed up with designers Zoe Roman and Arya Vilay to produce this project.

Designers: Zoe Roman and Arya Vilay