DISORIENTALISM :: Katherine Behar + Marianne M. Kim

Disorientalism is an on-going art project by Katherine Behar and Marianne M. Kim.

Disorientalism, is excited to present our latest performance, Quality is Our Recipe, as part of The Affect Factory, a two-day conference on “Precarity, Labor, Gender, and Performance” organized by Women & Performance.

Quality is Our Recipe is part of our Brown Bagging project, devoted to Wendy of Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers. The performance includes karaoke, tai chi, stress balls, and our Kinect game, Participation May Vary.

Quality is Our Recipe
February 11, 3PM

The Affect Factory
February  10 & 11
NYU The Barney Building
34 Stuyvesant St
New York, NY

More info: http://affectfactory.blogspot.com/

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